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Zywave’s Take: 4 Areas Where Employers Want Help from Their Broker

Monday, May 1, 2017
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In the insurance industry, change is guaranteed. As a broker, how do you stay on top of this to provide your clients with the most relevant information and guidance? This guaranteed change is the basis of most, if not all, that Zywave does for brokers. But how do you figure out what issues and services are most important to clients?

Our Broker Services Survey, published annually with results available exclusive to our partners, polls nearly 1,000 employers from across the United States, asking them various questions about the services they want from their brokers, the challenges they face in the marketplace, and what criteria impacts their decision to work with or leave a broker. See what the 2016 Broker Services Survey had to say.

MetLife conducts a similar survey, and we came across some of its interesting results in an article published online via EBN. This is a great article, and a few major things stand out and echo our survey results as well:

1. Advising an Employee Physical Well-being Strategy

Wellness. It’s a topic that has been growing in popularity, especially in recent years. Brokers, if you aren’t providing employers with wellness materials and suggestions, you are falling behind. Partners: you have everything you need in Broker Briefcase to support your clients’ need for this.

2. Offering Employee Handbook Assistance

Googling a template for how to create an employee handbook is a thing of the past. You need to provide industry-specific and tailored employee handbooks to your clients. Broker Briefcase partners have these resources available at their fingertips, and a lot of them are now using them in a fee-for-service model.

3. Providing Insights Regarding Benefits Trends

How are you staying on top of the latest benefits trend? Our expert team of attorneys, specialists and writers do this for you, and deliver what is most relevant at any given time straight to your inbox with content notifications tailored specifically to you.

4. Helping with Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Issues

Are you being advised by attorneys? What about HR specialists? The list goes on. Case in point: Brokers can no longer do this alone.

Our resources can help you meet your compliance obligations and keep you up to date on laws and regulations that affect your employee benefits program. Our easy-to-read articles will help you find answers to your common COBRA, FMLA, health care reform, HIPAA, Medicare Part D and Section 125 questions.

We could go on, but make sure you read the article for yourself. Then ask yourself, “Am I really competing right now, or am I falling behind expectations?”

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