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Workplace Conflict Management Strategies

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Written By
Partner Relations Team

Running a business, especially an insurance agency, is all about relationships. As a leader in your agency, you understand that communication is imperative to success, but have you ever considered the increased importance of building relationships within your team as well as with your customers?

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A successful agency is one that works together for a common goal. How do people work together? They feel a sense of community and they form relationships with one another. The ability to build relationships and increase rapport within your agency is imperative to your agency’s ability to increase closing rations and retention of customers. When you have a team that works well together, it shows. And that is exactly the kind of team your clients are going to want.

Working together guarantees:

• Common goals
• Effective client management
• A sense of comradeship
• Better communication
• A successful agency

However, this may seem challenging if your agency is plagued with conflict. Fortunately, there are some great strategies out there to resolve workplace conflict and keep your team functioning effectively.

• Always focus on the problem – not the individual(s) involved
• Establish clear-cut roles and responsibilities
• Keep communication open and approachable
• Use decision-making rules before acting on anything – think: Is this for the good of the whole?
• Always practice patience
• Never use intimidation as a way to get things done

There are always going to be situations where people do not completely agree. Instead of having a larger conflict erupt from a disagreement, the best thing to do is keep effective conflict management strategies in mind. Remember, conflict is not always avoidable, but when disagreements are handled effectively, there is a lesser chance of long-term negative consequences for your agency.