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[Video] Nelson Griswold’s Take: How to Maximize ROI with Zywave

Friday, November 17, 2017
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Video Transcription:

Nelson Griswold:

Look, one of the imperatives as we move forward in this industry is increasing profitability. Profitability is directly connected to efficiency. When a client of mine, an agency leader, talks about profitability and asked, “How do I squeeze more profit out of my top line?” It comes down to where are you going to find those efficiencies. The first place to start is automation. If you are going to look at technology, you would do well to start with the leader in the field, and Zywave is the acknowledged leader in the field. Having that conversation with Zywave about what solutions they have and do they fit your need is really the logical place to start.

Maybe some of the best examples of advisers who are leveraging and really getting an ROI out of their investment in technology from Zywave are both Employee Benefit Advisers of the Year, Will Glaros, from 2014 Adviser of the Year; and the 2017 Adviser of the Year, Mick Rodgers of Axial Benefits Group in Boston. Will is investing a tremendous amount of resources in Zywave every year, and will testify it’s the biggest differentiator. It’s the most valuable toolbox that he could possibly have.

Mick Rodgers who is very active in self-funding and captive self-funding, where the real value of self-funding of course is the control you have and the ability to do cost containment. I asked Mick one day, “How do you know where to apply your cost containment strategies?” He said, “It’s easy. I use Decision Master Warehouse and that tells me where I need to surgically apply cost containment.”

I think when you hear successful, well highly successful, nationally recognized advisers who are leveraging the technology tools from Zywave, that’s the real evidence that the ROI is readily available for anybody who wants it.

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