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Brock Ryan, AVID Risk Solutions, on Zywave as a Partner

Thursday, November 16, 2017
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Brock Ryan:

My name is Brock Ryan. I’m with AVID Risk Solutions. I’m the president and CEO. Our agency is located in Middleton, Wisconsin, is our main office.

When I started the agency, one of the things I looked into was technology. I thought it was very important if I was going to embrace it from the start. Since we’re starting from scratch, it was something that I said, “If we’re going to incorporate something, why wouldn’t we do what we know we should be doing from the beginning.” Currently we use ModMaster, Broker Briefcase, HRconnection, so we have a majority of the services that we could buy available. That’s what we had purchased. We started the Employee Benefits Division less than two years ago, and that’s been a big help for that department, too. Getting individual portals set up for our clients has been a real helpful thing for more of an intranet-type thing. We’ve found that very beneficial, and our clients are really enjoying that.

We talk a lot about that, actually, is using Zywave as one of our key partners for our firm. Just like we have an outside legal person we work with when we need help, we look at HR from the Zywave side as kind of basically they’re so many legal counsel as our back-end support. They’re an extension of our firm. It’s an expense we know costs a lot of money, but it would be a lot more if I had one of them on staff. More importantly, talk about … We discuss as we have clients across the country, so state-specific, everybody practices different legal matters. That’s one of the big things that I’ve found very beneficial is when clients have specific needs, that maybe somebody in Wisconsin versus somebody in California and/or Florida, where you guys have people that specialize in working in those areas have been very beneficial for our clients and us to be able to get state-specific answers and legislation need that are required.

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