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Using the Consultative Sales Approach: An Insurance Broker’s Guide

Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Zywave partners know that a good broker-client relationship is essential to establishing trust.

The consultative sales approach can help you build that client-broker relationship right from the start. You can use that rapport to propel your business to bigger and better sales. Our partners successfully use this approach as part of their for P&C insurance marketing strategy.


Before you even make that first call, you’ll want to gather some information on your lead. How did you find the lead? Do you have any information from a referral? Can you check the lead’s website to find out how large their company is? This information will help you prepare for the next step.

Using what you already know about your lead, ask open-ended questions that allow them to tell you their problems and pain points. Even if your lead tells you right off that they are looking for a particular product, ask them why they are interested in that product.

While your lead is talking, use active listening to demonstrate that you understand them, and you want to help. This involves paraphrasing what the lead tells you. For example, if your lead says, “You know, our last broker didn’t seem to know much about the options that were out there. He just tried to sell us the same benefits package every year without any new information.” You might respond, “I hear you. It’s important for your broker to be familiar with all of the benefits options that are out there. You need help choosing the best possible package for your company and your employees.”

Next comes the part where you can demonstrate your expertise. Recommend a few products that will meet your lead’s needs, and tell them why you think those products are the right choice. This is also a great opportunity to tell them about any additional services you can and offer savings opportunities you have identified. Broker Briefcase has professionally designed marketing templates that can help you in preparing for these types of conversations.

You might have heard Alec Baldwin’s famous speech in Glengarry Glen Ross. Always. Be. Closing. Well, if you’ve truly listened to your customer, and you’ve recommended the right products to address their pain points, closing the sale should be fairly easy. As long as the lead has the budget and the authority to make the purchase, you simply need to offer them a solution that will meet their needs.

The consultative sales approach is a great way to build a relationship with a lead and turn that lead into a client. And as we know from our 2017 Broker Services Survey, the client-broker relationship is one of the most important predictors of your sales and retention potential.

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