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Trick or Treat! 10 October Social Media Topics for Your Agency

Monday, September 14, 2015
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As the final quarter of the fiscal year starts, keep your momentum going on your social media. Here are some ideas to get started:

  1. What are you going to be for Halloween? Does everyone in your agency dress up? Be sure to share your costumes on your social media accounts. You could even make your post more interactive by asking your followers to vote or comment on which costumes they like best.

  2. Don’t forget to share Halloween safety tips with your followers. While Halloween can be a very fun time of the year, there are many safety considerations to remember during trick-or-treat or Halloween-themed work parties.

  3. October is when the magic happens in baseball. If your local team is in the playoffs, make sure you root, root, root for the home team!

  4. Insurance #FactFriday idea: 93% of all home water damage is preventable. Share this stat with your followers and consider writing a blog post to teach them how to prevent water damage during the fall and winter months.

  5. Speaking of insurance facts, the first full week in October is Fire Prevention Week. Promote fire safety by offering your followers tips and tricks to keep them safe.

  6. As the leaves start to fall and it gets dark out earlier, the roads can become more slippery and dangerous. Encourage your followers to be cautious when driving this fall.

  7. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. As the severity of cyber attacks continues to increase, share some tips with your followers to help boost their online security.

  8. Did you know October is National Ergonomics Month? As an insurance broker, you can provide additional value by helping clients improve ergonomics in their workplace. Share ergonomics tips on your social media channels to raise awareness of this important issue.

  9. October also celebrates National Work From Home Week. If your agency offers remote scheduling options, let your followers know. Advertising this type of benefit on your social media can be a great recruitment tool.

  10. Lastly, a new season means new insurance risks for homeowners. Share tips with your audience about how to protect their home this fall (for instance, raking their roof, winterizing pipes or preventing pests).

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