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The New ModMaster is Here

Monday, October 24, 2011
Written By
Kory Wells

NOTE: This post highlights ModMaster updates made in 2011. To learn about the latest improvements to ModMaster—including the addition of the fastest import feature on the market—check out our new blog post.

Queue the dramatic music and expectant drum roll: Today Zywave releases an all-new ModMaster version 5.0.

ModMaster login page Screenshot
ModMaster 5.0 takes workers compensation data analytics to its highest level yet.

Some of you have been with this product since its beginning with Specific Software Solutions almost 20 years ago. You know how it’s changed over the years – from rating updates on disks (remember those?) to web-based updates; from the MS-DOS version to the Windows versions (2 of those); through bureau rule changes like the Experience Rating Adjustment,  California split formula change, and enough state exceptions to drive a certain programmer (which I was back then) nearly crazy.

You know the ModMaster team has always been responsive to rule changes and user suggestions – and you also know there have been a few requests that seemed to be perennially stuck on our enhancement list. With those requests especially in mind, I want to highlight a few of the changes in version 5.0 that I’m particularly excited the Zywave development team has accomplished. From conversations I’ve had with many of you over the years, I think you’re going to like that:

  • ModMaster 5.0 is web-based. You’ll be able to calculate a mod from home, from your office, from a client’s office. Perhaps more significantly, this means rating updates will occur automatically. No more downloading and running executables to access the latest rates!
  • ModMaster 5.0 will support an unlimited number of policy periods. No matter how the policy periods are shown on a bureau worksheet, you now can enter them the same way – no more contortions to get the data into the four periods that ModMaster 4.0 requires. This will make it much more straightforward to input complex interstate mods. (I can hear you cheering from here!)
  • ModMaster 5.0 includes former functionality. Maybe you’re prospecting, or maybe you’ve got a smaller client for whom you’re not quite ready to invest the time in entering full mod data. Input just the footer information from a bureau worksheet, a few key losses that you want to analyze, and a premium estimate, and you’ll have a substantial, attention-getting analysis available in mere minutes.
  • ModMaster 5.0 recommends and delivers resources to help your clients lower their mod. Over 130 documents in a special workers compensation edition of Zywave’s Broker Briefcase product will help you help your clients focus on safety, injury management, supervisor training, and more.
  • ModMaster 5.0 produces a branded report package with your logo and your choice of all the reports you love (with a fresh look), all paginated in one PDF. I think you’re also going to love expanded mod comparison capabilities for up to 5 mods!

Read Zywave’s official press release about ModMaster 5.0: New ModMaster links workers’ comp analytics and resources.

A few important notes:

  • The new system is being made available to existing ModMaster subscribers on a staged basis, so you can expect an email from Zywave explaining how to access the new system anytime from today on through next month.
  • The initial roll-out of version5.0 will support NCCI-type calculations only. For Pennsylvania/Delaware and New Jersey calculations, you’ll need to continue to use ModMaster version 4.0 for a while – but we hope you’ll go ahead and be exploring the new version as well.
  • ModMaster now includes the concept of accounts – you’ll have to define each client to the system before starting new mods or converting old mods for that client. There’s both help and a video to help you learn about this and other features, as well as a What’s New webinar – look for more info on all these things in the email you’ll receive.

As a reminder, the Zywave Partner Service Center is available at or 866.499.9283. And of course, I’m always interested in your comments and questions!

– Kory Wells, WorkCompEdge Blog Editor

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