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Ring in the New Year with These January Social Media Topics

Wednesday, December 23, 2015
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January brings a new year and plenty to post and discuss with your agency’s social media audience. Make it your New Year’s resolution to consistently and continuously update your agency’s social media channels, starting with these ideas:

  1. With the New Year comes time for resolutions. Ask your fans and followers what their resolutions are and how they are keeping up with them. You can also highlight some of your employees’ resolutions.

  2. Idea for #MotivationalMonday: “Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.” – Charles Kettering

  3. Home Office Safety and Security Week is observed the second full of week January each year. Remind your followers of the importance of having specialized commercial insurance coverage for their home business, and offer tips to keep their business secure and protected.

  4. Insurance #TipTuesday: It is important to ensure you clean snow off of your roof (or have it cleaned), especially if more than a foot of heavy, wet snow and ice have accumulated.

  5. January 18 is Martin Luther King Day. Share some of Dr. King’s motivational words and some history that relates to the holiday on your social media channels.

  6. Most college students will be starting a new semester in January. Help your student followers and their parents out by providing some helpful tips on how to evaluate their insurance options to make sure they are properly protected while away from home.

  7. Now that the season for winter sports has arrived, drum up some friendly competition by asking your fans and followers which activity they prefer: skiing or snowboarding? You could also offer some tips for picking the right travel insurance policy if followers will be traveling to the slopes this winter season.

  8. For #WhipitUpWednesday: Some of your fans and followers may be observing a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier. Share some easy-to-make healthy recipes, especially those that can warm you up when it’s cold outside.

  9. Tax Identity Theft Week takes place at the end of January. Provide your fans and followers with ways they can work to prevent identity theft and how identity theft insurance coverage can help.

  10. Insurance #FactFriday: New Year’s Day is a popular time for vehicle thieves. In 2018, this was the holiday with the most auto thefts, coming in at 2,571. Remind your audience to make sure they have adequate car insurance coverage.

We hope you found these ideas helpful! Have another idea? Leave a note in the comments section below.


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