Up until now, your quoting and renewal process likely required you to use multiple, different software applications that didn’t “speak” to one another.
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Reduce Errors with New Code SixFour & BrokerageBuilder Integration

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Written By
Michelle Jackson
Director of Product Management

Up until now, your quoting and renewal process likely required you to use multiple, different software applications that didn’t “speak” to one another. As a result, you’ve probably wasted hours entering data into multiple systems, opening up the door for more errors.

There’s an easier way. We’re excited to announce an integration between BrokerageBuilder™, our benefits agency management system (AMS), and Code SixFour™, our dynamic proposal content creator. With this sync, the data entered into your AMS can now feed directly into your proposal generator.

What does this new integration mean for me?

With this new integration, you can now spend more time delivering value to your clients and prospects instead of wasting time on manual data entry. In addition to saving time, this sync will allow you to improve accuracy, increase efficiency and boost overall product utilization.

Specifically, this BrokerageBuilder and Code SixFour update will enable you to:

  • Sync BrokerageBuilder account and plan data to Code SixFour.
  • Log into Code SixFour with your Zywave credentials.
  • Access Code SixFour via launch pads from Zywave Home, BrokerageBuilder and Broker Briefcase.

This sync shows our continued commitment to releasing a fully integrated Sales Cloud. Our Sales Cloud aims to simplify the entire sales and renewal process by offering a comprehensive suite of tools to generate new leads, nurture prospects and streamline servicing workflows.

This enhancement is just one of many more to come, as we work to add more integrations and improve workflows within our product suite. Moving forward, we will continue to release integration enhancements between BrokerageBuilder and Code SixFour incrementally, so you can gradually adjust your agency’s workflows and increase efficiency.

What else can BrokerageBuilder and Code SixFour do?

  • BrokerageBuilder – Simplify and optimize your agency’s account management. BrokerageBuilder was designed specifically with benefits brokers in mind, making it easy to streamline account tracking, unravel complex commission tracking, and leverage in-depth reporting to effectively track upcoming renewals, monitor open activities and more.

  • Code SixFour – Automate your benefits quoting process. Code SixFour features a wide range of benefits tools designed to help you simplify employee benefits quoting and the renewal process. With Code SixFour, you can quickly generate client proposals, optimize small group quoting, save time with RFPs and more.

To learn more about BrokerageBuilder and how it can help your benefits agency, click here. To find out how Code SixFour can help drive growth at your business, click here.


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