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Put Time Back in Your Day With ModMaster’s Import Feature

Friday, March 1, 2019
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When you’re trying to calculate your client’s experience modification factor, or mod, manual data entry can take a lot of time. That’s why Zywave is trying to simplify that workflow by releasing a new mod import feature for ModMaster—the fastest import feature available on the market.

What does the new import feature mean for you?

The new ModMaster import feature will allow you to put valuable time back into your day. Now you can simply upload the NCCI experience rating worksheet, and ModMaster will extract and perform the full mod analysis in seconds.

The new import feature will allow you to:

  • Eliminate manual data entry errors – No matter how great your staff may be, manual data entry is prone to errors. Use the new import feature to reduce the need for rework and improve data accuracy.
  • Deliver instant analytics and reporting – The new import feature will allow you to instantly generate comprehensive reports and analytics. These reports can help open your clients’ and prospects’ eyes to the impact of the mod and demonstrate your value.
  • Free up your time for strategy – By coupling the new import feature with ModMaster’s best-in-class analytics and reporting, you can quickly identify cost-saving opportunities for clients and prospects.

At this time, the import feature is available to mods run in NCCI states, Indiana, New York and California.

What else can ModMaster do?

ModMaster can help you go beyond the low bid mentality and position yourself as the mod expert. Today’s employers expect more from their broker. In fact, according to Zywave’s 2018 Broker Services Survey, 83% of insurance buyers say it’s important that their broker perform mod analysis to identify actionable strategies to reduce total workers’ compensation premiums.

Use ModMaster to meet and exceed this market need. By using ModMaster, you can:

  • Empower your clients to lower costs – Identify cost drivers and trends with sophisticated analysis and turnkey reporting. Use this information to educate clients on the source of premium costs, the impact of the mod and how you can control those issues to reduce expected losses.
  • Lock in retention – By delivering a long-term strategic plan to your clients, you can create a lasting impact on your clients’ bottom lines. Help your clients support a safety culture, return to work program and more by leveraging a library of resources available in Broker Briefcase P&C.
  • Build your brand – ModMaster reports can be branded to your agency, helping to keep your agency top of mind. These dynamic reports can illustrate the powerful impact of your services and position your agency as a strategic partner who will work with clients to lower their mod factor.

 Want to learn more?

To learn more about how ModMaster and the new import feature can help differentiate your P&C agency, click here.


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