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Profiles Professional users get new add-on lead-generation tool from Zywave (formerly EISI)

Thursday, January 13, 2011
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InvestmentNews’ Davis Janowski received a preview demonstration of EISI’s new lead-generation tool, Retirement Consumer Facing Application (CFA), and describes it as “an interesting tool,” and “one sure to be emulated.”

There are several ways advisers can use Retirement CFA to generate leads, such as by embedding their unique URL in emails, on their websites, and in social media conversations. Janowski explains how the tool works.

After performing a simple, self-directed retirement assessment on an adviser’s unique, personalized lead-generation website, prospects are encouraged to contact the adviser to make an appointment. When the assessment is completed, the adviser, in turn, receives an email alert, as well as an alert within their Profiles Professional Web application, where the prospect’s information has automatically been populated.
Janowski notes “it does present a clever way for linking up inquisitive prospects with advisers.”
The Retirement CFA is available as an option to a Profiles Professional OnDemand Web license.

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  1. I have bought a new computer for the office, how do I install profiles premium on the new machine?

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