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OSHA Inspections: An opportunity to expand your business and build client loyalty

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Written By
Patrick Noonan
Vice President of Content Development

Few things cause employers as much anxiety as the words “surprise OSHA inspection,” but due to
unprecedented changes to OSHA’s Site Specific Targeting (SST) inspection program in 2014, that is the
reality facing thousands of businesses this year.

In past years, OSHA sent out letters to establishments targeted under the SST Program, warning them of
a potential inspection (aka, the OSHA “Hit List”). Not this year.

This year, there are no warning letters. There is no OSHA Hit List. Consequently, the vast majority of
employers targeted under the SST Program for possible inspection will be completely in the dark until
the very moment the OSHA inspector comes knocking at their door—that is, unless you warn them!

Knowledge is power—and a powerful prospecting tool

You might be thinking, “That’s easy for you to say, but how could I possibly know which of my clients or
prospects are targeted for inspection if there is no “Hit List” this year?”

This was the quandary facing the research team here at Zywave. Ultimately, we concluded that if OSHA
wouldn’t provide us with the list of employers targeted for a potential inspection in 2014, we would
create it ourselves using the exact same criteria OSHA used to select their targets. The result was the
2014 Potential OSHA Inspection List.

The 2014 Potential OSHA Inspection List, which can be found exclusively in Broker Briefcase, contains
the names and addresses of the establishments meeting OSHA’s criteria for a SST inspection in 2014.
OSHA will be randomly selecting approximately 2,000 of these establishments for a surprise inspection.

As most employers are all-too-well aware, it’s rare to escape an OSHA inspection completely
unscathed—especially if it is a surprise inspection. Violations can result in thousands or even tens of
thousands of dollars in penalties, so if you have a client on the 2014 Potential OSHA Inspection List,
imagine the goodwill and loyalty you could foster by warning them of the inspection threat. (Definitely
an extra arrow in your quiver come renewal).

But don’t stop with your existing clients. You can filter the 2014 Potential OSHA Inspection List by city,
state or ZIP code in order to create a custom prospecting list. It’s often hard to even get a foot in the
door with new prospects, but your exclusive knowledge of the threat they face provides you with a
tailor-made conversation starter.

Provide solutions

To demonstrate your expertise, begin by gathering and reviewing materials on relevant OSHA
regulations for your prospect or client’s specific industry. Next, complete a walk-through of the facility,
identifying physical hazards, unsafe employee behavior or any obvious noncompliance with OSHA

  • Review the client’s OSHA log from the last five years to ensure its completeness and accuracy.
  • Ask the client to audit Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
  • Ensure the employer has all medical testing paperwork on hand.
  • Remind the client of safety compliance programs including HazComm, lockout/tagout, emergency procedures, etc.
  • Ask the client to gather employee training records.

Prepare the prospect or client by giving a brief description of a typical OSHA inspection and what to
expect from the OSHA representative. Provide checklists and OSHA compliance guides in areas where
the client is lacking. Broker Briefcase has hundreds of resources designed for prospecting and servicing
around OSHA compliance – just browse for OSHA, or search for the following:

  • OSHA Compliance Sales Binder and Sell Sheet
  •  Preparing for an OSHA visit
  • Comprehensive Safety and Health Inspection Checklist
  •  Risk Insights: How to Interact with an OSHA Inspector
  • Recordkeeping guides
  •  Programs and training materials

Do the above and you’ll earn that trusted advisor role, expanding your book of business and building
client loyalty.

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  1. Where do I find the list in Broker Brief Case that is referenced in your article in your article? Thank you, Will Burke

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