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Zywave (formerly EISI) determined to maintain towering market share with simpler NaviPlan

Thursday, July 28, 2011
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Citing the 2010 Aite Group report in which EISI was found to have more users than the next three competitors combined, RIABiz tech writer Nevin Freeman explains that EISI intends to maintain its towering market share amid growing competition.

“About 20% of EISI’s business is from RIAs, and the company has seen 11% growth since this time last year,” Freeman reports.
When asked about the perception that NaviPlan is not easy to learn, Denis Martineau, EISI’s senior vice president of business development, attributes that reputation to NaviPlan’s “depth of coverage and the ability to show the client the various alternatives at a level of accuracy that’s going to really lend confidence.”

A simpler NaviPlan Select

Dr. Linda Strachan, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing for EISI, demonstrated NaviPlan Select for Freeman. “It’s still using a complicated engine underneath, but it is simple [to learn and use],” she says.
Freeman notes “NaviPlan also has an even simpler interface, called Presentation [Module], which is meant for walking clients through their plans.” He also highlights the benefit for the more tech savvy advisors: “The concept makes a lot of sense and looks like an excellent way to go over plans with clients, especially on a tablet like the iPad.”
These changes, coupled with the robust calculation engine NaviPlan has always been known for, has the experts confident of EISI’s future within the marketplace.
“I think they have staying power given the strength and history of their relationships and the fact that they now have capabilities to better meet the needs of a broad range of financial advisors, from the ivory tower planner to the branch-based financial advisor who uses financial planning as a sales tool, to get to a sale within a half hour,” says Sophie Schmitt, senior analyst for Aite Group.
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