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3 Blog Topics to Increase Engagement During the Holidays

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
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The holidays are both fun and stressful, with parties, work events and family obligations. By planning your marketing strategies ahead of time, you can create content to share before the stress of the holidays hits. Use one, or all, of these blog topics to save yourself time and gift your readers some useful holiday tips.

1. How to Insure High-value Holiday Gifts

Write a blog outlining how to insure precious holiday gifts. Your angle could address those who are concerned about shipping expensive gifts, those who would like to add high-value gifts to their insurance policy or a little of both.

Although some high-value items can be added to a homeowner’s existing home insurance policy, some clients may opt to buy standalone coverage for particularly valuable items. As a broker, you can show your expertise by highlighting how to correctly insure holiday gifts that your clients may receive or purchase.

At the end of your post, make sure to route readers back to you so you can work with them to determine the best insurance for their needs.

2. Cold Weather Tips and Tricks

The holidays mean winter weather is coming, and cold weather can wreak havoc on cars and homes. Create a blog post that gives a few tips for winterizing personal property before colder weather hits. This could be something as simple as, “5 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Winter,” or you could go more in depth into one topic like, “The Best Winter Tires to Keep You Safe.”

It’s always best to write what you know. It will add credibility to your writing, and your depth of knowledge will be a value-add for current and potential clients. And once again, loop it all back to how you can help your readers navigate their unique safety and insurance concerns.

3. Travel Insurance Basics

With the holiday season notorious for canceled flights and other travel nightmares, your readers will appreciate a post about the basics of travel insurance. Outline the different types of travel insurance that cover anything from trip cancellation to medical emergencies. Describe what readers should look for when assessing a policy and potential pitfalls of certain types of coverage.

Make sure you explain travel insurance in easy-to-understand terms. The insurance world is full of jargon, which can be overwhelming and confusing to new buyers. Show your expertise by breaking down this topic in layman’s terms and explaining how travel insurance can protect consumers during their holiday travel.

Share your content through a targeted email campaign or on your social media channels. Have another idea for a December blog topic? Leave a comment below—we’d love to hear from you!

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