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Increase Efficiency and Sell Into New Industries With P&C OneSource

Friday, June 28, 2019
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How much time do you spend looking for P&C content to send to your clients and prospects? Where does all this content live? Not having a centralized place to store all your agency’s P&C content can result in a lot of confusion and inefficiency.

When P&C content is spread out over multiple systems, users must manage different logins and passwords for each product and learn the ins and outs of each system. Oftentimes, producers spend more time searching for resources than actually using them. This inefficiency ultimately leads to lower utilization of expensive commercial lines insurance content.

There’s an easier way. With the addition of P&C OneSource™ to Broker Briefcase© P&C, you can mitigate some of the most pressing issues facing your insurance agency.

What Is P&C OneSource? How Does It Help My Agency?

P&C OneSource combines materials from trusted industry sources—like IRMI, ISO and Rough Notes—with the vast P&C content already in Broker Briefcase to create one solution for all your property and casualty content needs.

With more than 25,000 pieces of unique, downloadable content, P&C OneSource in Broker Briefcase can help you:

  • Increase efficiency and save time—Stop wasting time logging into multiple systems and searching different databases for content. With the intuitive, user-friendly design and powerful search functionality in Broker Briefcase P&C, it’s now easier than ever to find the content you need for prospects and clients. Access propriety content, plus industry classification codes, policy forms, guides, manuals and more, all in one searchable database.

  • Get more out of your investment—Many agencies spend money on resources and tools they rarely use, just to access to a few pieces of information stored in disparate solutions. With P&C OneSource in Broker Briefcase P&C, you can use a single platform to access and distribute content to your clients—helping to boost utilization and increase your agency’s ROI.

  • Improve training and onboarding—Train new producers faster and get them selling in no time with a single system, as opposed to multiple systems that can be time-consuming to master. With a single source of information, it’s simple for insurance brokers to get up to speed on the latest compliance issues, industry trends, code classifications and more.

  • Sell into new industries—With content covering more than 700 industries, you’ll have the information you need at your fingertips to demonstrate your expertise in new markets. Whether you’re looking for industry-specific risk management guidance for manufacturing, construction, health care, retail, wholesale or more, we have the resources you need to win new business in industries you may have avoided in the past.

What new content is included in P&C OneSource?

Our new, licensed content includes:List of content now available in P&C OneSource.

Want to learn more about P&C OneSource?

To learn more about P&C OneSource and how it can help your agency, click here.

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