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If only I knew then what I know now

Written By
Patrick Noonan
Vice President of Content Development

In a previous job, I was general counsel for a 150 employee commercial cleaning business in Milwaukee. As is the case in any small company, I was required to wear many hats. And one of those “hats” was benefits administration.

Generally, my relationship with my benefits broker consisted of a couple of conversations regarding cost and plan design, and that was about it. Back then, I was happy, like most Benefits/HR administrators, if my broker was able to keep our costs steady, and most of the time, with a few plan design changes, she was.  All the rest (the paperwork, the explanation of benefits available, the communication of price increases, cost sharing, cost shifting, employer /employee benefit education, etc.) was up to me, but it didn’t have to be. No wonder I dreaded open enrollment.

If only I knew then what I know now, I would have demanded so much more from my benefits broker. Broker Briefcase benefits content helps to take the dread out of the open enrollment period for benefits and HR professionals. With its resources, you can help any benefits or HR professional to shine during open enrollment season. Below are some suggestions of just some of the content you might consider this open enrollment season.

Show off your services and capabilities to your prospects and clients:

  • HSA Employee Communication Sales Binder
  • Enrollment Services Sales Binder
  • Voluntary Benefits Sales Binder

Benchmark surveys and statistics to help employers compare their benefit offerings:

  • Average Annual Employer Contribution Toward Family Health Coverage
  • Average Annual Employer Contribution Toward Single Health Coverage
  • Dental Premium Trends
  • Employer Health Benefits 2010 Annual Survey
  • MetLife Study of Employee Benefit Trends – 2010
  • Towers Watson 2010 Health Care Cost Survey
  • Survey Results – 2010 Health Plans
  • Survey Results – Ancillary Benefits

Plan design educational pieces to help inform employers who are considering changes:

  • Plan Design: Health Reimbursement Arrangements
  • Plan Design: Health Savings Accounts
  • Plan Design: Understanding Trend and the Impact on Your Renewal
  • Plan Design: Self-Insurance Guide

Health care reform HR education and employee communications to let employees know about the new law and how it affects them:

  • Health Care Reform: Open Enrollment Checklist
  • Health Care Reform: What does it mean for Your Benefits? (flyer, poster, payroll stuffer)
  • Health Care Reform: Over-the-Counter Medications and FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, and MSAs (flyer, poster, payroll stuffer)
  • Health Care Reform: Preventive Care Coverage for Adults

Educational pieces about effective open enrollment and benefit plans for benefits/HR administrators:

  • Annual Open Enrollment Checklist
  • Benefit Counseling: The Key to Successful Enrollment
  • Benefit Trends
  • Communicating Benefits Cuts to Employees
  • Cut Your Benefit Costs: New Ways to Save
  • Developing a Benefits Communication Program
  • Educating Employees About Health Benefits
  • Effective Benefit Plan Communication
  • Effective Health Plan Renewals
  • Employee Benefit Trends
  • Open Enrollment Educational Opportunities

For those employers implementing a CDHP:

  • Comparing HSAs to HRAs and FSAs
  • 10 Steps to a Successful HSA
  • HSA Education and Rollout Action Timetable
  • HSA Implementation Checklist
  • All About HRAs Presentation
  • All About HSAs Presentation
  • Benefit Trends: Evaluating Consumer-Based Models Presentation

Employee communications to help Benefits/HR administrators educate their employees:

  • Answers to Most Frequently Asked Benefit Questions
  • Benefit Plans (flyer, poster, payroll stuffer)
  • Benefits Summary
  • Dental Benefits (flyer, poster, payroll stuffer)
  • Disability Benefits (flyer, poster, payroll stuffer)
  • Employee Benefit Enrollment Guide
  • Employee Benefits Meeting Presentation, Open Enrollment
  • Health Benefits (flyer, poster, payroll stuffer)
  • Open Enrollment Glossary of Terms
  • Open Enrollment Overview and Summary
  • Open Enrollment Poster
  • Open Enrollment Tips
  • Understanding Health Benefits
  • HRA Announcement letter, case studies, e-mails, posters, flyers

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