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Holiday Season Considerations for HR Managers

Monday, October 29, 2018
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It’s finally November—Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is fast approaching and the December holidays will make their presence known in your local shopping mall soon if they haven’t already. This is an exciting and festive time for many people; however, it also comes with some special considerations for human resources departments.

We know that our Zywave partners like to be proactive, offering value-added services to your business clients that go beyond a great package of benefits. So let’s take a look at some ideas for helping HR managers successfully navigate the holiday season for their companies.

Holiday Season Recommendations for HR Managers

Throw a Fun Holiday Party

Holiday parties are excellent opportunities to boost morale and team fellowship. But, unless your client runs a religious organization, they should be sure to make it unaffiliated with any particular holiday. A general “holiday” or “winter” celebration can include food and fun without making anyone feel marginalized because of differing religious beliefs.

Companies should also host the party after hours and make attendance optional. If the party is held during the work day and employees are required to make an appearance, they could be entitled to pay.

Think About Holiday Pay

Most employers have some sort of policy regarding holiday pay. For companies who are still deciding on the specifics of holiday pay, there are several things to consider. First, most employers are not required to provide paid time off or premium holiday pay to non-exempt employees. However, federal law does require employers to pay exempt employees for time off if the business closes for a holiday—as long as the employee works any part of that work week. Some states have their own laws that affect holiday pay as well, so be sure that your clients know which laws impact their businesses.

Companies might also want to consider offering holiday bonuses. Even a small bonus can be a great morale booster. If your clients choose to do this, remind them that they can offer any amount they desire. Just be sure to give the same bonus to all employees.  

Manage Absenteeism and Sick Leave

Absenteeism can be a big problem around the holidays for two common reasons:

  1. Some employees use sick leave in place of vacation time, especially in the days before and after a paid holiday.
  2. inter is a prime time for viruses.

To combat this issue, your clients can do a couple of things. For instance, have them look through their holiday pay policy. Some companies require non-exempt employees to work the day before and after a paid holiday in order to receive holiday pay (unless they have pre-approved time off).

Employers can also implement good infection prevention practices. Remind employees to get flu shots and provide incentives. Put up signage reminding staff to wash their hands frequently, and encourage people to take sick days when they’re actually sick to avoid passing on their germs to the rest of the office.

Get in touch with your business clients today for a pre-holiday checkup, and show them just how valuable you are!

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