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10 Ideas for Your Insurance Agency Blog This October

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As the weather starts to cool down and we get closer to the holiday season, it’s important that you continue to update your blog so you don’t lose steam during the last quarter of the year. Here are some blog post ideas that you can use to drive traffic this month:

  1. October, of course, means Halloween. While Halloween is a fun time of the year, there are many safety considerations to keep in mind. Create a post reminding people about trick-or-treat safety tips or, if you’re a P&C broker, about the importance of liquor liability insurance if clients are hosting a party with alcohol.

  2. Several causes are celebrated in the month of October, but one of the biggest is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you’re a benefits broker, consider writing a post that educates your clients about the risk factors for breast cancer and the importance of regular checkups and early detection.

  3. Fall is when many farmers cash in on their crops, but what if they lose part of their inventory due to inclement weather or another risk? Help your farming clients with the management of their harvest, and remind them about the benefits of crop insurance.

  4. Speaking of farms, do you have apple or pumpkin picking or other fall activities in your area? Your blog is a good place to promote local fall activities, especially if some of them involve your partners.

  5. The NBA and NHL recommence in October, which means basketball and hockey leagues will start up in the community or at school. Provide your readers with equipment and safety suggestions as they prepare for another season to help keep their kids safe.

  6. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. As the frequency of cyber attacks continues to increase, provide tips to your audience about how to boost their online security and keep their identity safe.

  7. Did you know October is also Financial Planning Month? That gives you an excellent opportunity to provide your audience with some great money-saving ideas or tips for retirement planning.

  8. Motorcycle season is starting to wind down now that the temperatures are dropping. Do your clients know how to safely store their motorcycle during the winter months? Provide some ideas for where they can store their beloved two-wheelers so they have no issues come spring.

  9. Is your audience swamped at work as companies reach the final quarter of their fiscal year? Suggest some techniques your audience can use to manage stress during the busy time of year.

  10. October is also International Walk to School Month. Now that kids have settled back into school, remind parents of the precautions they should encourage their kids to take, like crossing streets and stranger danger.

Now that you have 10 topics at your fingertips, it is time to put those fingers to work. Start blogging today and begin seeing results.

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