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Get equipped: Gearing up for renewals

Sunday, August 30, 2009
Written By
Alaine Dole

Making a list, checking it twice… in September? No, we’re not talking about the holidays, but rather what you can do now to prepare for the busy renewal season — and the Broker Briefcase® online library is ready to help!

Know your agency’s worth

Chronicle the value your agency has provided with the Stewardship Report: Service Commitment and Performance Summary template in Broker Briefcase. Key areas like “The Summary Review of Services Provided” will remind your clients why they chose you as their broker of record.

You’ll also have a chance to remind your clients of the rich information on their MyWave® or MyWave Elements™ client portal by adding a list of postings to their Stewardship Report. Not sure what you’ve posted? Visit Reports > Template History Reports (Distributed) and drill down from there.

Review client portal usage

Have you checked up on your clients’ usage of their client portal lately? Now would be the perfect time to run a usage report and check in with the clients who aren’t using the portal. Schedule a time to retrain flagging users on the features of the site.

Check out the templates geared toward renewal

Here are just a few of the hundreds of templates available to assist you with renewals:

Broker Briefcase PCE

  1. Does your client have a high loss ratio for WC? The Indirect Costs and Profitability Worksheet reveals the true cost of a loss.
  2. Review exposures with the Coverage Evaluation Checklist.
  3. Minimize exposures by reviewing contractual liability issues for all projects with the Contract Review Checklist.

Broker Briefcase BE

Help clients solicit feedback on employee benefits with the Employee Benefits Survey
Compare current and renewal costs and benefits with the Medical Costs Analysis
Give your clients an opportunity to voice their feedback on your agency’s performance with the CSR Service Survey.

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