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Using Email Marketing to Nurture Insurance Leads

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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As an insurance agent, you grow your business by collecting leads and converting those leads into sales. To be successful with lead conversion, you’ll have to nurture all those relationships and guide them through your sales funnel.

One of the most efficient and effective methods of lead nurturing is sending targeted, personalized content through email.

What does it mean to nurture insurance leads?

You’ve probably heard a lot of industry experts talking about the concept of “lead nurturing.” What does that mean?

It’s the process of developing relationships with prospective and current clients to guide them through the stages of your sales funnel. For insurance agents, it might begin with a blog article or social media post that piques a prospect’s interest. After someone reads and interacts with your post, you might nurture that relationship by:

  1. encouraging comments,
  2. asking about their pain points, and
  3. providing information that can help.  

Nurturing insurance leads is all about listening and offering guidance in a pressure-free way. This consultative approach will help you to qualify new leads before you give them your sales pitch.It will also help you maintain relationships with current clients so they’ll want to stay with you when re-enrollment comes around.

But to be successful, you may have to nurture relationships with several of insurance leads at a time. Doing so is nearly impossible with one-on-one communication. That’s why successful insurance agencies use email marketing to communicate with a large audience, offering free and interesting content that keeps your agency on their minds.

Email Marketing

All of your social media and web marketing efforts should include a call to action, leading potential clients to a landing page that asks for their email address. Don’t forget to keep a list of all clients’ email addresses as well.

When someone hands over their email to you, they are telling you that your agency is important to them, and they want to hear from you. So write to them!

If you’re a Zywave partner, you have the option of choosing from a long list of customizable, pre-written email campaigns, ready to send out to your leads. If not, you’ll have to write your emails yourself or hire a freelance writer to do it for you.

Here are a few tips for a successful email marketing campaign that will nurture your leads and help convert them to sales:

  1. Split your clients and prospects into lists based on similar qualities. Sending the right material to the right people is an essential part of email marketing, so send them useful content that speaks to targeted pain points in their industry.
  2. Whenever possible, personalize the messages with the recipient’s first name and other identifiers. For example, you might mention the call to action that the person responded to. You can do this easily in Broker Briefcase.
  3. Write engaging subject lines. Great email subject lines are short, and they convey a sense of urgency or allude to something the recipient finds interesting. They are also honest. Never use “clickbait” subject lines that fail to deliver what they promised.
  4. Use your name in your “sender” line, not the name of your agency. Research has shown that people are more likely to open emails that come from a named individual than a named company—even if they’re not familiar with that person’s name.
  5. Keep the emails short, and write in your natural voice. You want your personality to shine through.
  6. Write to an audience of one. You don’t want your subscribers to feel like a single point in the vast sea of your email list. Write as if you’re talking to just one person so that each reader can feel like the message was meant just for them. Of course, they’ll know that they’ve received the same email as hundreds of other people. But it’s much more interesting to read an email that speaks directly to you than one that feels like a billboard from a massive corporation.

Ready to get started with email marketing?

Start building your email list and nurturing those insurance leads today! Still not sure what to write? Let Zywave help! We’ve got plenty of pre-written email campaigns that can be loaded up and distributed to your list. Call us today!

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