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Distractions In The Workplace: Avoid Them

Monday, November 18, 2013
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Partner Relations Team

The holiday season is in full-swing. Is your agency feeling a little bit distracted? This is an all too common problem that all businesses face, so if you have found that the energy in your agency is a little lower, do not be discouraged, you are not alone. However, if you want to keep up with effective leadership and management, you have to notice and respond to dips in productivity, right? Take note of some of these common workplace distractions and learn how to avoid them.

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Workplace distractions:

  1. Email notifications
  2. Walk-Up conversations from co-workers
  3. Personal emails
  4. Personal phone calls
  5. Personal concerns about the holidays – who’s cooking, have you finished your shopping yet?
  6. Surrounding noise

Workplace distractions can be a common cause of stress and a huge problem when it comes to productivity. For workers who are easily distracted, it can be difficult for them when they lose focus to regain that focus. Often, they may not even realize how badly they are being derailed with menial distractions until it is too late.

Here is how to combat self-inflicted workplace distractions:

  • Turn off the outside world – This means shut down the email notifications and leave the cell phone off of the desk. If it’s a true emergency, the person who is trying to contact you will find a way
  • Use a countdown timer – You have an understanding of how long it takes to complete a task, so give yourself an allotted amount of time and stop immediately whether it is done or not and move on to the next thing
  • Set up a do-not disturb alert on your office chat so that your co-workers are aware that you are requesting minimal interruptions

It takes some practice, but you can teach yourself to combat the distractions and be more productive. And now that you understand the distractions, harness your positive attitude and get your agency re-focused. Share your knowledge about avoiding distractions with the rest of your agency and get back to it!