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Create a brand, one prospect at a time

Friday, April 30, 2010
Written By
Alaine Dole

Every piece of communication you send to a prospect or client creates an impression. That impression, if reinforced consistently over time, builds a certain image in the mind of your clients and prospects. If you are continuously communicating with integrated messaging, you are building a brand.

With sales cycles getting longer, it takes a number of touches sustained over a number of months to nurture a prospect into a client. Each touch is meaningful only if it delivers value, like a white paper offer, research information, resources for your client, etc.

Here are some ways you can deliver value and create an impression that builds a brand that stays in the mind of your prospects:

  • Send an email communicating a white paper, webinar or research results that will pique a client’s interests.
  • Make sure your agency brand appears on all documents and information being sent to your client and prospect.
  • Continually communicate using your agency branded materials so you are providing current and timely information.
  • Choose a consistent method for delivering your information, like a client resource portal such as this one. Clients and prospects can then access it when they need information and you will get future sales.
  • Follow-up with calls to clients and prospects to make sure they are engaged and benefiting from the information.

Building your brand value will take some time and consistency, but the benefits are long-term clients that will grow your agency bottom line.

Take a look at the following demos to see how you can create your agency message and market it to your clients while adding value and building exit barriers

  • Broker Briefcase Benefits Enterprise edition
  • Broker Briefcase Property & Casualty Enterprise edition
  • MyWave Elements  

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