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Answers on Hand: How to be Your Own Self-Help Desk

Thursday, June 25, 2015
Written By
Christian Clarke

The day is long and about to get longer. You have client calls, carrier meetings, and smaller tasks to get done throughout the day. All of a sudden you hit a point that you can’t get something simple done. A program might not work. You might have forgotten your password.

Here are some tips to help you in those moments of crisis:

  • Utilize Your Company’s Knowledge Base – Some companies have a knowledge base, user guide, and/or a FAQs page dedicated to finding quick solutions. Become familiar with where you can find those when you start working for a new company or with a new program.
  • Utilize Another Company’s Knowledge Base – Companies that your agency might work with, such as Applied, have their own online how-to guides, FAQs and knowledge bases that are free to access. Be sure to bookmark them in your browser for future use.
  • Company IT Technician – Most companies have their own person trained to identify and fix issues with their network. Whether on-site or off-site, they might have the quick solutions you need. Keep their email and phone number on hand in multiple locations.
  • Online Forums – Places like WikiHow, Yahoo Answers, and other support forums can provide answers to questions, simply by typing your question into Google or Bing. Also your partnered companies and carriers have forums to find the answers you need, like Vertifore.
  • Email Search – Did you run into something similar before? Maybe the solution was in a past email sent to you. Type keywords that relate to your issue into your email’s search field.
  • Save Your Solutions – Free programs, apps, and extensions, such as Evernote, are great to keep quick notes and reminders. When you find the answers you need, it’s always good to keep them stored away for future reference.
  • Contact List – Keep a digital and printed list of “Go To” contacts with emails and phone numbers of companies that work with your agency (i.e. Zywave, agency management company, carriers, etc.).
  • Help Desk – Don’t have a contact or an on-hand solution involving any technology of ours you use? Yes you do! Give us a call 800-787-1549 or submit a ticket at

Next time you run into to an issue, don’t delay! Utilize all the resources you have to help you get the solutions you need, so you can stay focused on your business and driving revenue.

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