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Ring in the New Year with these January Social Media Topics

The holidays might be over, but January brings a new year and plenty to post and discuss with your agency’s social media audience. Make your New Year’s resolution to consistently and continuously update your agency’s social media channels, starting with these ideas: With the New Year comes time for resolutions. Ask your fans and followers […]

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Why Commercial Niche Email Marketing Works

At this point, most insurance agencies have jumped on the email marketing bandwagon. Sending out holiday emails and birthday greetings seem like no-brainers, but how effective is your email strategy in selling your agency’s commercial services? There seems to be a belief in the industry that email is a great tool for personal lines and […]

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Using the Website Data in Google Webmaster Tools

Data-driven marketing should be a priority for your agency, and there are many tools available to you to help with this effort. Just like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools is a free program Google offers to website owners. Webmaster Tools allows you to view even more metrics about your website, as well as technical data. […]

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