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It’s Easier than Ever to Identify and Engage with Prospects

Wednesday, September 4, 2019
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It’s a fact… your business depends on prospecting. But, new business development doesn’t come easy to most—it’s an expertise that is honed through years of experience, practice, and continual optimization.

While prospecting for new leads and future clients isn’t always straightforward, thanks to today’s technology and new techniques in data analysis, it has become easier than ever.

Creativity Wins Out When Prospecting

The insurance industry is incredibly competitive. Everyone is looking for new ways to find more and better leads, and it’s easy to be left behind if you’re not proactive. You can get ahead of other prospectors by simply using a little creativity.

Start by finding new ways to leverage the data you have available at your fingertips. For example, a great way to prospect for leads is to use tech tools to run an analysis of recent OSHA violations.

With today’s technology, you can gain access to company information, including which companies were hit with violations and what types of penalties they received as a result. From there, you can save your searches and export your results. Then, you can leverage this data to take prospecting efforts one step further.

Your brokers can use this information and tailor messages to these leads accordingly. Custom-tailored messaging can make all of the difference when a prospect is deciding whether or not to hear you out.

Not only is OSHA’s data helpful for getting them to become clients, but it allows you to better serve their needs and impress them at future touchpoints. Additionally, this will greatly enhance the likelihood that they’ll refer additional business your way.

Leverage Data for Long-Term Success

Once you get your foot in the door with a prospect, you can leverage their data for workers’ compensation experience and modification worksheet analysis. You can also help them handle cost containment, which is one of the biggest issues your clients will need help with.

The great news? You no longer need to create your reports from scratch. There are technology tools that offer mod analysis with significantly less manual entry and easy-to-use import features.

With these tools, you can easily identify cost drivers and provide your prospects and clients with strategic guidance that will help them improve their mod. Pairing your expertise and the best tools available can help instill a culture of safety, saving them even more money.

This strategic guidance will lead to long-term, cost-saving solutions for your prospects, directly impacting their bottom line, while solidifying your position as their trusted advisor.

Identify and Quantify Client Cost Savings

Leveraging technology can help you do even more for your prospects and clients than helping them improve their mods. You can use technology and data to find and quantify all kinds of cost savings. For example, with the right tools, you can uncover the root causes of auto, property, workers’ compensation, and general liability claims.

You can also help create and recommend strategic loss control actions for your prospects and clients. By tracking the savings of these actions over time, you can measure their effectiveness and quantify your value.

Pairing your analysis with the right tech tools will help you deliver targeted, educational resources to your clients that they will find valuable. Show your prospects how you can help them with all of these elements of their business and they’ll be excited to be your client.

Thanks to the data and technology that is so readily available, prospecting has never been easier. It’s just a matter of leveraging it in new and creative ways.

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