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3 Ways Technology Can Help Your Business

Wednesday, August 7, 2019
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The world around us is changing faster than ever before and—while it can sometimes be intimidating—if we don’t keep up with the industry’s latest advancements, we risk losing to the competition. With just a little investment of time up front, the utilization of tech solutions can pay huge dividends in the end, helping to significantly improve your business efficiency, effectiveness and insights.

The following strategies can help you become a future-focused digital agency, while saving you both time and money, and providing even more value to your clients.

  1. Consolidated Reference Materials
    With the advanced digital solutions available today, there’s no sense wasting valuable time scouring multiple sources for classification codes, OSHA regulations, industry guides and more. There are now user-friendly tools available that compile all the industry-specific resources agents need in a single location, using a single sign-on.

    Using this type of tech solution enables you to efficiently access information to help with workers’ comp audits, safety programs and more, right at your fingertips. Some of these reference solutions also allow you to distribute content to your database of clients. For example, if your new manufacturing client needs help with a safety program, you can search for relevant materials in your resource library and email them directly to your contact from the same platform. Consolidating all of your reference materials into a single source can save you hours of time that can be invested in more important activities, like advising your clients and growing your business.

  2. Tech for Training
    The massive investment of time and resources dedicated to training new employees is a pain point for nearly every company in every industry. Leveraging technology for training not only enables new employees to learn independently, rather than monopolizing the valuable time of a veteran producer for weeks on end, but it also standardizes the onboarding process so you know everyone is receiving accurate, consistent messages. Proper training helps empower your employees, building both their confidence in their role and in your business. Plus, a strong training program can boost retention rates and provide greater opportunity for success.

    Today’s leading commercial line insurance agents are not only using digital training resources themselves, but are also providing them to their clients as an added value or using a fee-for-service model. In states that require certain training courses, these online tools can educate, track and report, so your clients remain in compliance.

  3. Mod Analysis Made Simple
    One of the most efficient and effective ways to prove your value to both clients and prospects is through work comp experience modification worksheet analysis. Instead of creating your own reports from scratch, by leveraging new tech tools for mod analysis, you can drastically reduce manual entry, easily identify cost drivers and provide strategic guidance to help your clients improve their mod, instill a culture of safety and save money.

    This strategy can deliver long-term, cost-reducing solutions to make a lasting impact on a client’s bottom line. What’s more, you’ll gain their trust, helping to lock in retention.

    1. Technology has opened up a world of opportunity for insurance agents of today. By embracing innovation, you’ll ensure your position as an advisor of tomorrow.

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