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Marlon Davis

Position: Vice President, Product Management
Marlon David

Started at Zywave: 2015

Originally from: Wisconsin

Education: Jackson State University & University of Wisconsin, Madison

Previous Work: Entrepreneur, Senior Product Manager, Business Lead, Director, Product Management

“Why shoot the breeze about it, when you can be about it.” Marlon is passionate about learning new things, gaining new insights and helping others reach their goals. He’s all about the future, whether that means focusing on the growth of Zywave, the future of technology, dreaming about one day becoming the “Silver Surfer” and racing between planets, reclining on nebulas or roasting marshmallows by red giants. It’s no wonder he loves the “Alien” movies. When he isn’t basking in his sci-fi world, he enjoys cycling, writing fiction, and laughing with his wife and children.