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4 personal branding secrets to share with your team

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Written by Patrick Sitkins

Sitkins July

As the market evolves, insurance agencies are trying harder and harder to capitalize on social media and emerging technologies. They see these as a way to promote their corporate brand, but there is a widening gap and opportunity: humanizing your agency. More and more individuals are putting stock in the employees of a firm over the firm itself. Insurance agency executives need to not only lead by example, but also help coach their team to ensure that they are sending the right messages. Here are 4 branding ‘secrets’ that every organization should be talking about.

Me, Inc. > We, Inc.

SiliconCloud recently did an extensive B2B study regarding personal branding and research. The study revealed that 78% of U.S. adults have searched someone before doing business with them. We also found that consumers were looking up the individual (executives and salesperson) first, and then the organization if they wanted to learn more.

Another study showed that 45% of people who research a salesperson discovered things that changed their minds! You can either be ahead or behind before ever meeting your next prospect. If someone researched you today, what would they find? How well are you portraying your personal brand in various channels?

Maintain consistency

Your brand (what people think about you) needs to be consistent no matter the situation. Are you sending the same message with coworkers, vendors, centers of influence, clients, prospects and your family? If prospective clients find mixed or inconsistent messages in your online presence you will lose credibility. Your personal brand is you online, and any diversion from your main message will only encourage confusion and discomfort in potential clients.

Build your platform

Yes, social media and other technology make it incredibly easy to manage your personal brand. However, make sure you are investing your time wisely. Pick the right platform and make sure that you can dedicate the appropriate amount of time to it. Look at the kinds of interaction on each platform and the potential value in the community. If you wouldn’t use a particular platform to look for business connections, your prospects are unlikely to do so either. Only focus on social locations that feel like a natural fit for your personal and company brands. We tell clients all the time that it is better to do nothing online than do it wrong. Doing it wrong can be even more damaging to your brand.

Your brand is dynamic

A personal brand is not a one-time event. Your brand should always be evolving. Look to see where you bring value in relationships, what truly differentiates you, and the clear message. You should reevaluate your brand about every six months to ensure that it is still in alignment with who you are.

Branding is not “rocket science.” If you have a clear idea about who you are and what you want others to think about you, the next step is to manage that perception by keeping your brand top of mind.

If you are looking for tools to help you help your team in formulating their personal brand. Also, check out www.branddamagebook.com – available now!

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