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The September Social Schedule

Get those planners and excel sheets ready! We’ve got the September Social Schedule right here, right now.

Here are 15 social media ideas that will keep you from sitting idle on social:

1. On Monday September 2nd: Happy Labor Day!
2. In light of National Baby Safety Month, post an article or your own BLOG promoting baby safety tips for parents.
3. September is World Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month. Be sure to recognize this and spread the word. There are always ways to support a great cause.
4. “By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.” –Helen Hunt Jackson
5. CALL TO ACTION: What is your favorite thing about the month of September?
6. Take a moment to Remember 911.
7. How about an Insurance Tip Tuesday post? “Is your teen heading off to college? Give us a call and we may be able to save you money on his or her auto insurance policy!” Fans and followers will want to hear ALL about a low mileage discount!
8. Remind fans and followers to check-in with their watercraft coverage (if applicable) if they are storing away summer toys.
9. September 16th is National Play-Doh Day. Embrace your inner-child!
10. Oktoberfest begins on September 21st. If there are local events going on, promote them!
11. CALL TO ACTION in light of Better Breakfast Month: Eggs or Pancakes?
12. Find a cool infographic on Pinterest (insurance-related or not!) and post it! There are plenty of health-related ones (for those who focus on health insurance.)
13. September 22nd is Business Women’s Day! Give a special shout out to all the working ladies—especially the ones working for your agency!
14. Fun Fact Friday; Insurance Style! “Did you know that increasing your deductible will result in a lower monthly premium?” This may seem like common knowledge to you, but your fans and followers may be surprised!
15. September 27th: Happy Birthday, Google! (What would we ever do without you?!)

We hope that these ideas have sparked some creativity inside you. There are plenty of ways to keep social—sometimes you just need a little inspiration from the Insurance Bloggers!

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4 Comments to “The September Social Schedule”

  1. EHCG says:

    These reminders sure helps me on planning for this September! Thanks Bianca! ;)

    Your Health Insurance Community

    • Bianca says:

      I am so glad that you found this helpful! Please come back soon to find more tips and ideas :)


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