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The Power of Holding a Contest on Social Sites

Friendly competition, anyone? As an Insurance Blogger, I have seen a variety of clients hold contest on their social media sites and I must say they really work! Holding a contest will not only attract current viewers but lure in their friends and outsiders as well, especially if you are offering a great prize. Never underestimate the power of a contest, whether small or large. This is a great tactic to add to your insurance marketing strategies.

Not sure what to do? Here are a few ideas!

  • Set a benchmark for the number of followers/fans and offer a reward for when you hit that specific number. For example: “The 200th follower wins a $50 Dunkin Donuts gift card!”
  • Create a game on your site and have your followers/fans participate. The winner is presented with a small prize!
  • Announce in your status that the 20th person who likes it will receive a gift card or discount.
  • Holiday-inspired contests are great. For Valentine’s Day, ask followers/fans to come up with the best/most creative gift idea for a loved one. Narrow down the best answers and vote on the best one!
  • Have followers/fans send in pictures of their pets and have a cute pet contest!
  • Launching a new product or service? Hold a contest for your followers/fans to name it.

Running a successful social media contest will take thought, time and effort but you will definitely see results, and fast! The key to spreading the word? Ask your audience to spread the word. This way, you will be reaching more than just your current followers/fans.

So, what sort of contest will your agency be running in 2012? Share your ideas; we would love to hear!

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