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By Humanizing Your Company Online, You Will Strengthen Your Insurance Social Networking!

Many businesses have become established in the online world. Some understand the usefulness of social media while others do not. What is the difference? Those who get it are able to connect with their customers on a human level, which ultimately humanizes their company!

According to the SocialMedia Examiner, social media is all about people and developing relationships. Therefore, if you use social media to connect with your customers or audience, the key is staying authentic. The following are four tips on how to make your company more “human”:


#1: Add a face

The benefit of adding a face to your social media accounts is that your customers/followers can have an idea of the person behind the keyboard. In addition, you can use your company logo as your profile picture since it also adds real-person value to your presence.

Many companies have “meet the team” pages with information about the company members and what they do. This allows you to show the personality behind the logo by adding “behind-the-scenes” photos and sharing your work in the community.

#2: Connect with people through your writing voice

Adding personality, meaning your voice, to your content creates a stronger connection to the people who follow you. People do not connect to corporations, robots, or automated messages, which is why your voice is a huge part of drawing in your audience and engaging them.

The way you write has to replace facial expressions, body language, physical gestures, and tone of voice. This is because all of these components help you get your point across and keep your audience interested during a face-to-face communication, so the same goes for the voice you use!

#3: Listen

By interacting with your audience on topics they understand, you have already taken the first step. But engaging your followers takes more than being in the right place at the right time. The way to enhance your strategy is by listening to your fans.

Listening, as opposed to talking or selling, allows you to determine the best way to connect with your audience. Monitoring mentions of your brand name and your industry shows you where the conversations are happening and what people are saying. A company that listens demonstrates genuineness, originality, and credibility.

#4: Determine why you are here

No matter what your strategy is for social media, you must have a reason for it. Having goals for your social media team to work towards will give your content purpose. It will also give you motivation in monitoring and updating your accounts.


Finding the human side of your company in an online world will strengthen your insurance social networking strategy tremendously. In addition, it will help you build your customer base and allow you to have a better understand of what internet marketing can truly do for your insurance company!

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